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The primary focus of the firm is in the mechanical design of hospital and healthcare facilities, educational facilities, computer data centers, high-rise hotel/casinos, telecommunication centers, and vacation resorts.

Ainsworth Associates Mechanical Engineers


Dating back to a large expansion of Washoe Medical Center in 1956, (now known as Renown Regional Medical Center), Ainsworth Associates Mechanical Engineers has always specialized in healthcare design.  Our portfolio includes thousands of healthcare-related projects ranging from standalone medical office buildings and surgery centers to large multi-story patient towers complete with central plants.  Our healthcare projects utilize the latest technological improvements in HVAC equipment to provide a safe, energy efficient, and comfortable indoor healing environment.

Ainsworth Associates Mechanical Engineers


Our education projects range from K-12 public schools with simple packaged rooftop gas-electric units all the way up to graduate level University buildings with complex laboratories and multi-hundred person auditoriums that included displacement ventilation systems.  Designs often include an emphasis on proper volumes of outdoor air being delivered to the Classroom to foster the learning environment.  Our education experience also includes many student dormitory buildings, many of which have achieved LEED Silver and Gold certifications.

Ainsworth Associates Mechanical Engineers


Our wide-ranging resume of projects includes numerous hotels, casinos, and resorts.  Creating a built environment that people choose to visit involves creativity and heavy coordination with the architectural and owner-type visionaries.

Ainsworth Associates Mechanical Engineers

Information Technology

Proper server room design means combatting dense heat outputs in the most efficient way possible. Whether traditional Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) units serving raised floor plenums, hot/cold aisle containment or in-row coolers, Ainsworth Associates Mechanical Engineers has likely been involved in a similar IT project design.

Ainsworth Associates Mechanical Engineers


The Earth is an incredibly efficient battery; rejecting heat to/absorbing heat from the ground with a proper bore field design coupled with well-planned equipment in the building can lead to 100-year mechanical systems while achieving environmental stewardship and improved maintenance.

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