Ainsworth Geo-Exchange Projects

The Earth is an incredibly efficient battery; rejecting heat to/absorbing heat from the ground with a proper bore field design coupled with well-planned equipment in the building can lead to 100-year mechanical systems while achieving environmental stewardship and improved maintenance.

Ainsworth Associates Mechanical Engineers

Geo-Exchange Projects

Plumas County Ground Source HP Review – Quincy, CA

WCSD Cold Springs Elementary School – Reno, NV

WCSD Nick Poulakidas Elementary School – Reno, NV

WCSD John Bohach Elementary School – Sparks, NV

WCSD Wildcreek High School – Sparks, NV

WCSD Miguel Sepulveda Elementary School – Sparks, NV

WCSD Jesse Hall Elementary School – Sparks, NV

WCSD Cold Springs Middle School – Reno, NV

Ridgeview Office Complex, North Bldg. – Reno, NV

Ridgeview Office complex, South Bldg. – Reno, NV

Eureka Medical Bldg. – Eureka, NV

Ely Courthouse – Ely, NV

NV Air National Guard, Plumb Ln. Armory – Reno, NV

White Pine High School – Ely, NV

White Pine Emergency Response Facility – Ely, NV

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